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The start

My love of gardening started I suppose when my father took me to his allotment as a small child,and the time we would spend in his own garden at home,it was a haven. Things were grown everywhere and in anything, if there was a space then it would be filled,both flower and veg flourished. His love for gardening inspired me so much that I couldn't wait to get my own garden. It was only then I realised how addictive it could be, plants were no longer just for show or colour , but something that helped create a mood, show your feelings and enhance your surroundings. Design is not just about a border full of a wonderful array of plants without any order or structure it has to be personal and dynamic and highly subjective.

Where do you start

Where do you start ,by running down to the local garden centre filling your garden with impulse purchases which offers itself as a random plant collection, rather than a well thought out design, with a sense of unity and well being. Getting your ideas from your head to the garden is not as easy as some may think, that is where we can help! We can help implement the principles of garden design by getting your ideas down on plan and into the garden.

What do you have?

Whether its a new build garden or an existing garden, its always good to have a look at what you have. For new gardens it might be a strange request however look at what is around you, do you have a woodland back drop that could be incorporated into your plans, neighbours trees etc that could be an additional backdrop. For existing gardens it is a slightly different approach, same as above with the addition of what is on your site, what can be kept, what is liked that may need moved .If your new to the house you may not know what is in the garden as seasonal changes vary how the garden looks, ask the previous owner, old pictures are a handy source of info.

What do you want

Deciding what features you want and need, an then choosing the plants that will suit the conditions in your garden,that will work well in a particular design, should be enjoyable tasks. However the sheer number of styles of garden shed ,summerhouses let alone the thousands of plants to choose from , can make it quite daunting. We hope we can help you make the right decisions.From a tiny balcony to a large country garden from a small urban courtyard to a child friendly plot. We can help design gardens for all circumstances and for all levels of gardening interest.Including gardens for young families that need to make provision for children and for people whose busy lifestyles leaves little time for gardening to the person who enjoys gardening and looking after plants. So we would sit down with all members of the household and discuss what they want or expect from your garden.